End of fall sports bittersweet as Linden set to switch to D6


Fasten your seat belts, we’re going on a trip to a different division.  The end of fall sports was a bittersweet moment as it marked not only the end of the season, but also the last time Linden High School will play against Division 5 schools.  This year we all felt a little like seniors playing our last game or match at the season’s end.  It is sometimes hard to say good-bye to what we know and accept the challenge of a new beginning.

The move to Division 6 takes us out of the Mother Lode League and into the Sierra Delta League.  In this league we are looking to face Golden Sierra, Highlands, Rio Vista, San Juan, and Vacaville Christian.  Considering the locations of these high schools, Linden, yet again, is an outsider.

Our new rivals are no less than 45 miles away, with the closest being Rio Vista at a travel distance of an hour and the furthest being Golden Sierra at an hour and a half.  Not only are these schools miles away, but the travel there will be different.  The scenery will surely be a change, as instead of traveling through highways with a scenic route, we will now be traveling down the freeways and going through the city.

On the negative side, students have to leave school early.  But on the positive side, students get to leave school early.  The extensive distances call for sports teams to compensate for the travel time needed.  Therefore, the need to leave class early for sport-related events will be more frequent.

Student athletes are already responsible for making up what they miss in class, but will missing more class time make this an even greater task?  Missing AP classes or other A-G courses could potentially cause students to fall behind and not reach eligibility to even play sports.

Finishing fall sports marked the beginning of the end and the start of something new.

Linden will be the new competitor in the Sierra Delta League.  When the 2018 season begins, it will be our time to leave our mark and show these schools what we are made of.  And remember, Linden has changed leagues before, so this will not be our last.