Twitter troll harasses Linden students


Twitter handle @linden_news, YOU are fake news.

This anonymous Twitter account was created on September 24, 2017 and for some time hid behind the screen as “anonymous journalism boy.”  The user considers himself just a “troll account” so sees no harm in cyber-bullying Linden students.  But don’t worry, he was kind enough to include the disclaimer not to “get butthurt.”  Thank you.  Now anyone you sub-tweet won’t care that you just called them out on social media. 

Rather than using the account to raise Linden’s morale, he instead uses negative comments to tear down the spirit of our school and harass individuals.  He does this by blatantly calling out specific students for issues only he finds relevant.

The user recently challenged a student’s freedom of expression when they chose to kneel during the national anthem and considered it out of the ordinary because “the student is white.”  It is repulsive to think that the color of one’s skin should determine their stance on political issues.  In America, all citizens are treated equally and are allowed to express themselves without having to face judgement from others.

Hiding behind this unidentified account, he has messaged a student saying she “looked very good in [her] dress” and asking if she was “currently single.” The conversation went from flirty to  making the receiver feel less than comfortable.  He has used a public screen name as a mask to talk to people personally.  We find this highly inappropriate and cowardly, considering the school’s name is attached to this account, and the creator is unknown.

Linden’s football teams’ scores have also been made fun of by this user.  He covers the game but proceeds to state their loss as “the usual” and thinks they would have more fun winning games than making team memories in the locker room and just playing because they enjoy the sport.  We say enjoying the game is far more important than winning the game.  As long as the players and crowd are having fun, then the score does not matter.  We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our football players and all of our school’s athletes, and if we editorialize in this paper it will be to build students up, not tear them down.

When called out for being a fake account his defense mechanism is to sarcastically apologize and pretend to care. And also to call people dumb. The troll account is used to make fun of students, but since it is anonymous this person cannot be held responsible for the content he posts.  In his most recent post he states, “If you don’t like the content posted just let me know and I will delete it.”

Well, we would like to let you know that the content you post is not appreciated by many students as it is offensive and subjective.  Just because you are aware that your news is fake, does not make it okay to harass or belittle others.  Especially if it is directed toward specific students. 

Staff writers of your school newspaper believe strongly in the First Amendment.  We also believe it comes with certain responsibilities. And when we publish both news and editorials, we will have the courage to put our names on what we write.