Noah Fry and Giselle Hernandez crowned royalty

Hannah Nelson & Emma Brandstad, Photography editors


And Your 2017 Homecoming King and Queen are…

Homecoming is a school-wide event that affects everyone, and voting for homecoming royalty is one of the events in which absolutely everyone can participate.

At LHS, the process begins with nominations of seniors by the teachers. This generates a list of 10 candidates from which students vote, first narrowing the list down to five princes and princesses, and then voting on one king and queen announced during halftime at the varsity football game.

Students’ opinions about the process and its results vary.

“Usually I think of Homecoming crownings as just a popularity contest,” said senior Maddie Arata.  “But sometimes it can also be viewed as something more.  Being a part of the homecoming court is a recognition for not only your social skills, but also achievements in academics, sports, and clubs.”

This year’s queen, Giselle Hernandez, has undoubtedly worked hard to get where she is having a 4.0 GPA, being on the color guard team for three years, tennis team for three, and golf for one.  It seems like the list goes on and on for Giselle as she is also involved in other school clubs such as vice president of CSF, treasurer for Journalism, on the band council, and a member of MECHA.  

Being up against four other eligible homecoming candidates, Giselle really wasn’t expecting to be crowned queen

“Overall I was surprised I won because I felt like the other princesses all had good chances of winning as well”, said Hernandez.  

Many felt is was an honor she definitely deserved.

“I’m really glad Giselle won because she is not someone who typically is in the spotlight at Linden High School, said Maddie Arata,  “and she deserved it.”  

Anyone who knows Giselle, knows that she is a hardworking girl who is determined to succeed.  Winning homecoming queen was a great way to have her efforts recognized!

Noah Fry stood proudly on Friday as he was crowned Homecoming King of Linden High.

Noah boldly stated, “I wasn’t surprised I won, because I had a gut feeling that I would be continuing on my family legacy just like my father and my older brother, John Fry.”

Noah said that he experienced something special as he was able to stand in front of his spirited community and wave to them while his crown was placed upon his head.  He added that, “My integrity, kindness, and generosity has paid off, and I believe that winning homecoming king was a very rewarding event.”
From baseball, to academics, to his involvement with his church, Noah excels in everything he puts his mind to.  I think everyone can agree that this year’s homecoming king was very deserving of his victory!