“Linden Swag” colors campus blue and gold


Elizabeth Merenda

Junior Kristina Forni poses with Linden Swag prizes--some of which she has already won!

Abel Herrera, Roar Staff Writer

At the start of the school year a new program started that has everyone seeing blue and gold. “Linden Swag,” or the “Linden Lottery,” is a new program that the staff members started in hopes of promoting positive citizenship on campus.

Linden Swag is a raffle that gives students opportunities to win prizes. However, in order to get tickets students have to show acts of extraordinary behavior. Students can show acts of positive citizenship to receive a chance to win a prize by doing anything, such as picking up trash on school grounds, being kind to another student, or helping their teachers.

“Doing the right thing when nobody’s looking is the definition of good character,” said Eric Weber when asked about what he thinks good citizenship entails.

Teachers also think this new program could have positive benefits in the near future.

According to Spanish teacher Mayra Salas, she believes the program can “motivate students to do their best, or at least to do a good deed.”

When asked about how many tickets she had given out before the interview, Salas said that she had given about ten tickets to different students.

One of the many students who received tickets recently is junior Kristina Forni. When asked about how she received her tickets, she said she obtained them by doing small favors and helping her fellow peers. Recently she won a chair from the “Super Raffle.” She also won a water bottle and a shirt in prior raffles.

According to staff and students some prizes that can be won from either raffles are water bottles, t-shirts, hats, chairs, backpacks, and many other prizes. In addition, as reward for good citizenship, the prizes promote school spirit at the school. Students can turn in tickets in the Career Center, and raffles are held at the end of the week and the end of the month.