Class of 2018 takes float contest title for 3rd year

Elizabeth Merenda, Managing editor

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One of the biggest sources of class and school spirit at Linden High is the annual homecoming float contest.

The contest is a rite of passage at LHS and somewhat unique, considering not all high schools have this tradition. Students from each grade come together to choose a spirited theme that is executed onto a parade float in hopes of beating out the floats from the other classes.

Jennifer Bradley, LHS English teacher and cheer coach, is the freshmen class adviser this year. She was very proud of the class’ first efforts.

“The process is exhausting,” said Bradley. “The class had a lot of input and parent support and were organized. This was a really great group.”

Freshman Caden Sarale  was part of his classes crew.

“It was a fun experience,” said Sarale. “My favorite part about our float was the spinning bear head.”

The freshmen’s float’s theme was “BBQ the Bears.” It featured a lion in an apron and a barbecue with a rotating bear head on a spit.

Freshman Scout Jackson also enjoyed coming out to help build her class’ float.

“I helped build the lion head and bear head, and I also helped glitter the letters and stuff part of the lion,” said Jackson. “I thought it was really fun, and my grade helped out a lot. I’ll go next year!”

The Sophomore class theme was “Bam-Bam the bears.” it was created by sophomore class President Lindsey Schmitt. Their class adviser, Special Education teacher Angela Weber, commended the students on their hard work and success with limited parent support.

Sophomore Ethan Goforth said,  “I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends while cutting wood for the dinosaur.”

Sophomore Sophia Whiteside said, “the name was really creative,”  but admitted she hopes her class will improve their communication skills next year by having mandatory meetings or groupchats.

The junior class, in second place, worked really hard on their float this year. Their float theme was “Bury the bears.” It featured a lion, a moving coffin, and even included a shovel.

When asked, Junior Thomas Lagorio said that his favorite feature was the “moving coffin…because it’s a coffin.”

Some juniors, like Abby Peters, were a bit shocked that they didn’t receive first place.

“It was rigged,” said Peters.  “The seniors must’ve paid someone.”

Better luck next time class of 2019!

This year’s seniors, the class of 2018, is well known for their float building skills and came into this year’s contest determined to earn their third consecutive 1st place win. It was rumored during float building that the junior class would give them some serious competition.

Finishing with just minutes to spare, this year the seniors rushed to complete their float, themed “bonk the bears.” The float included a lion holding a red mallet with a box with a bears head coming out of it. The head did move up and down until it was vandalized the day of the parade.

Senior John Tillery said that the biggest highlights of his last float building experience was “winning three times in a row (#3peat) and seeing the class come together.”

The results were announced during the varsity half-time show of Friday night’s game. The seniors won first place, with the Juniors following in second, the Freshmen exceeding expectations with third place, and the sophomores taking fourth.