LHS crowns homegrown royalty


Left to Right: Paige Hartung, Edwin Menera, Cynthia Torres, Hector Najera, Anna Lucostic, Adam Piacentini, Jared Dimas, Madison Lara, Christian Sanders, and Emma Brandstad

The presentation of the Homecoming court at the game is a long-standing tradition for Linden High School. Every year, freshman, sophomore, and junior classes vote on who their prince and princess will be to represent their grade.

Choices for the 2018 Homecoming Court were:

  • Freshmen: Ethan Costlilio and Melissa Morfin
  • Sophomore: Julio Romero and Elvia Avina
  • Junior: Jose Altamirano and Kristal Bravo

However, the senior “court” of princesses and princes are chosen differently. Faculty select students based on their merit in school activities, academics, and sports, and then students vote to choose their king and queen. 

The 2019 senior class at LHS proudly had five beautiful girls and five handsome guys representing them this year. The students chosen to be your 2018 Linden High School homecoming princes were Jared Dimas, Christian Sanders, Adam Piacentini, Edwin Menera, and Hector Najera. These five individuals are highly active in the Linden High community. They represent Linden’s achievements in academics and sports.  

The fiercer competition, however, is between the princesses for the title of the Homecoming Queen. The 2018 Linden High School homecoming princesses were Madison Lara, Paige Hartung, Emma Brandstad, Anna Lucostic, and Cynthia Torres. These five young women were selected because they represent the talents, interests, and accomplishments of Linden.

Madison Lara is a member of the Girls Golf team. She enjoyed wearing the tiara and getting to participate in rallies, spirit days, the parade, and the game. Being on the court was an experience that Madison will cherish forever. She would like to thank her parents for being so supportive with everything she needs and always being her biggest fans.

Paige Hartung is a member of the Girls Volleyball Team, Random Acts of Kindness, and FFA. Her favorite part of being on court was wearing the tiara. Her goal this year for the class of 2019 is to make sure everyone has fun because this is our last year together before we each go on our own paths. She would like to thank her mom for always making sure her hair looks good for homecoming activities and her friends for being supportive and by her side.

Emma Brandstad is a member of Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and FFA. She liked being able to participate in all of the homecoming activities. She is honored to have been selected by her peers and have them look up to her. She would like to give a special thank you to her parents for always going above and beyond, her friends for supporting her, and her teachers who are always there for her.

Anna Lucostic is a member of the Girls Volleyball Team and ASB. Anna enjoyed the night rally because the games made the court step outside of their comfort zone and be themselves. She is thankful to have been given a week as a princess to look back on fondly. She would like to thank her friends for making her week as a princess so fun and her family for being patient while she shopped for dresses to wear during homecoming week.

Cynthia Torres is a member of the Girls Soccer Team and Color Guard. Being on court was an amazing experience for her and she would like to thank leadership for making the rally so funny. She would like to thank her Mom and Dad for all of the love and encouragement they have given her. She would also like to thank her teachers, school staff, and close friends for their guidance and support.

During half-time of the varsity football game,  Linden High School announced its 2018 Homecoming King as Hector Najera, and  2018 LHS Homecoming Queen went to Cynthia Torres.

“It all happened so fast,” explained Najera.  “My heart beat was racing as I was dying to know who the winner was. When they said my name and the crowd went wild, it was a surreal moment in my life.”

Congratulations to everyone on court and to our new King and Queen.