Lions pump up the spirit at Hoco rallies

The Homecoming night rally Mon, Sept 17th was the first big event of Homecoming week. Students arrived at the Performing Arts Center ready to meet the court and enjoy the festivities. The Senior Homecoming Court consisted of Paige Hartung, Edwin Menera, Cynthia Torres, Hector Najera, Anna Lucostic, Adam Piacentini, Jared Dimas, Madison Lara, Christian Sanders, and Emma Brandstad. They were dressed to impress, seated front and center in the PAC, and ready to participate in the planned games.

The second game of the Night Rally

The first game tested each court couple’s bond with a crystal ball. A fortune teller with the crystal ball would announce a subject, and the seniors would say the first thing they associated it with. The goal for them was to say the same thing. The game was coordinated by Senior Class Secretary Abby Peters. It was clear that some were more connected than others.

Peters played the fortune teller.  She really liked the game but with a twinkle in her eye added, “I don’t think the crystal ball was really working.  Couples did really well…”

The second game brought the court’s relatives on stage, being put up to the challenge of determining if their kid was lying to them or not. One partner was given an object and they could either lie about what it was or truthfully describe it, and the parents and the other partner had to determine if a truth or a lie had been said.

Egg Roulette demonstrated by Anna Lucostic and Adam Piacentini

The final game was an egg roulette. Inside a carton was a mixed amount of boiled eggs and raw eggs, and the female partner chose an egg and cracked it on her partners head. The aim of the game was to get the boiled eggs, but inevitably every boy’s hair on the court got ruined, and this was a fun way to end the night.

At the week’s end, the day rally buzzed with excitement. Most showed school spirit by sporting blue and gold and by participating in the spirit chants. The homecoming court once again was dressed to the nines, having their own chairs on the main floor to sit.

It started out with a game of Hungry Hippo. One member of your team was rolled on the floor to a pile of balls on the floor, and had to grab as many as possible before the time was up.

The Hungry Hippo Game

A race was next, the goal being that each team member had to hop with a ball between their legs to a hula hoop on the other side of the gym and drop it.

The last game was musical chairs except there was a catch; in order to have a seat, you had to acquire the object called out from your grade section.

“This was my favorite game,” said Peters.

The seniors, led by Nic Porter, narrowly beat out the Freshmen for the victory.

Overall, the Seniors won the day rally. It ended full of school spirit with the “I believe” chant led by senior football player Brandon Carvalho. Everyone got out of the stands and into the middle of the gym, where they jumped up and down and chanted. The students left pumped up and prepared for the game.