Linden Celebrates 57th Homecoming Parade


Senior and FFA President Joy Anglin carries the US flag in this year's homecoming parade.

On Fri., Sept. 21, LHS students walked out of classes early and took to Front Street to enjoy the annual homecoming parade, an event that brings together the whole community of Linden.

The annual parade is a tradition for the Linden community, yet each year it seems to hold a sense of freshness and showcases the community’s sense of pride.  Truly a collaborative effort by the many people, one of the major highlights of the parade is the presentation of the creative class floats.

Class floats were judged during the parade with the results announced during the varsity half-time show. The seniors snagged first place with Freeze the Frogs.  Sophomores earned an impressive 2nd place with Fillet the Frogs.  With juniors and their Flatten the Frogs and the freshmen’s Fry the Frogs taking third and fourth places, respectively.

Junior Tyler Rathjen is proud of his class’ work on their float.  Though he admits the Class of 2020 has yet to excell at the art of float making, he predicts next year will be their year.

“Mark my words,” said Rathjen, “Next year we’ll get first.”

Rathjen looks at 3rd place and sees success, saying “we built our float ourselves…unlike all the other classes.”

Many campus organizations and fall sports teams participate in the parade, and of course, the LHS marching band leads things off.

FCCLA adviser Laura Nealy enjoys having her group participate in the parade each year.

“I always love sharing what our organization is about with the community,” said Nealy.

Nealy, however, prefers it when homecoming falls in October and the weather is more pleasant. Junior Jesus Elias tends to agree.

“It was pretty hot,” admits Elias.

The heat didn’t keep the students down, however.   Juniors Ethan Goforth, Tyler Rathjen, Zander Kuthe, and Travis Affonso led the way for the junior float by uniquely showing their Linden spirit.  The students used their bodies to spell out “JRS!”

Last but not least,  the homecoming court completed the parade with the princes and princesses along with the candidates for this year’s senior king and queen.  

As community members headed home, Linden students headed to the day rally to get pumped up for the night’s big game.