The rise to a final year together

Top Row: Erika Neustadt, Andres Ulloa Bottom Row: Kristina Forni, Madison Stoker, Destiny Sabin, Miranda Jackson, Jennifer Sakakura
Top Row: Maritza Palacios, Daphne Cardona, Citlalli Izquerdio Middle Row: Alexis Resendiz, Irene Duran Bottom Row: Edwin Menera

It is widely acknowledged that teenagers find it nearly impossible to get up early in the morning. That made it rather surprising when the class of 2019 began to trickle into the Lion’s Stadium at 5:30 am.

Despite the early hour, a large number of seniors slowly began to arrive. This event, known as Senior Sunrise, is a Linden tradition for the senior class. The class gathers to watch the sun rise, as it represents the beginning of their last year of high school.

The seniors all get together early in the morning to socialize, eat and watch the sun rise. As they waited for the sun, the class of 2019 got to create memories that lasted longer than the event.

The sun finally began to rise around 6:30. Unfortunately for the seniors, the sun was blocked by the large trees on the east end of the field. Most were too cold to care, and as soon as the sunlight appeared, they ran off to their cars to get a second breakfast with their classmates.

“Despite not seeing the sun, the memories created will be cherished,” said senior Maritza Palacios.

The Class of 2019 will carry these memories with them forever.