Linden FFA and alum bringing life back to Glenwood life lab

The current state of the Glenwood Life Lab.

Irene Duran

The current state of the Glenwood Life Lab.

Linden FFA is working to bring back the Life Lab Projects to schools across our district. LHS class of 2017 graduate and former LHS FFA vice-president Jacqueline Herring began this project in May. She has also recruited a group of Linden FFA members to help her make this possible.

This is how Glenwood’s life lab appeared in May 2018.

What exactly are life labs? Life labs are gardens used to teach students the basic skills of gardening. Over the years, these labs have slowly deteriorated. The goal of this project is to fully refurbish and maintain all the labs in the district. Herring hopes to see this project passed down year after year to provide students in Linden Unified the experience she had as a child.

This school year, Herring’s goal is to restore Glenwood’s life lab. Currently, the Glenwood life lab is 90% cleared out and ready for installation of planter boxes and other garden necessities.

The current appearance of the Glenwood Life Lab

Students like Jenni Sakakura who are working on this project feel like they are creating an everlasting impact on their community.

“Working on this project has impacted me because it’s the first project that I have taken on that is meaningful and bigger than me and that requires a lot of work. The finished project is what I look forward to the most,” said senior Jenni Sakakura.

After the Glenwood life lab is complete, the group will continue with the other schools: Waverly, Waterloo, and Linden Elementary.

Students interested in participating in this project can earn hours for their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience). With these hours, FFA members can hopefully work towards getting their Chapter, State, and American FFA Degrees.

Herring said, “Ag students should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to earn SAE hours along with giving back to the community.”

This project has no cost for students who want to participate as long as they are willing to be committed and work. Students involved in this project are required to work in all aspects of the project which includes:

  • Assisting in managing fundraisers
  • Assisting in collecting materials (tools, seeds, soil, etc.)
  • Publicizing the Project
  • Recruiting more FFA members as the project grows

As you can imagine, this is going to be a project that requires a variety of expenditures. Currently, the fundraising project in  place is collecting recyclables such as water bottles and soda cans to redeem.

These are the recycled goods the group has been able to gather for fundraising.

If any student would like to join this project or has any questions, feel free to contact Jacqueline Herring at [email protected]