Linden teachers and LUSD administrators start off holidays with spirit


While there weren’t as many ghouls and goblins traipsing around campus as their might have been on Halloween, there was no denying that many students and staff members enjoy having a little fun and getting dressed up for the holiday.

If you took a trip over to the district office that day, you would have found yourself in the land of Oz. Superintendent Rick Hall dressed up as the tin man, with the rest of the office nicely filling out the cast.

Over at the high school, juniors may not have been too surprised to see that English teacher Wendy Hunter traveled back in time to find that her department colleague Kim Merenda does, in fact, work for the devil, or is that Principal Richard Schmidig?  In the spirit of The Crucible, it looks like they would be safe also saying they’ve seen English teacher Jennifer Bradley with the devil, too!


Wait…it looks like all our teachers actually work for the devil! But of course, some of us have suspected that for some time.