‘Tis the Season for Winter Sports

Irene Duran, Page Editor

Irene Duran
Linden Women’s Varsity vs Escalon

‘Tis the season to be jolly as Linden welcomes in the new season. Linden High’s winter sports include Wrestling, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Winter Cheer, Men’s Soccer, and Women’s Soccer.

Wrestling is a sport that is more about an individual than a team. In wrestling, each opponent must show combat skills to pin one another down. Students participating in this sport have been preparing for months to ensure a good fit for the season.

Hailie Beadles, a junior, has been preparing since the summer for the sport by spending some time in the summer wrestling, doing cross fit, and building up cardio in cross country. Last wrestling season Beadles made it all the way to state, and hopes to achieve her goal of going to state once more.

Beadles is also the only girl on the team.

“I think it is fun [being the only girl on the team], but it would be cool if there were a couple other girls,” Beadles stated. So ladies, get ready for next wrestling season to join Beadles!

Another member of the team, Junior Jesse Rushing, has said that the team is upset that they do not have more participation.

“We only have eight members, which isn’t enough for a full team,” explained Rushing. “This means that individuals can still win matches but the team itself cannot win meets.  My only gripe about wrestling would honestly have to be that it’s not a more widely popular sport; it’s a great sport for small guys like me, who will be matched with others our own size and won’t be shunned as we often are from other sports.”

The team members also feel that wrestling gives them a sense of accomplishment when learning the moves and using them in meets.

The Men’s Varsity basketball team has many goals for this year and are looking strong in the pre-season.

Junior Roel Gayla has this perspective, “My goals are to be a better all around player and hopefully help my team in every way I can. It is also very important to have a common goal that every player wants to achieve.”

The men have big plans this season.

“We [the team] have to stay positive and work hard,” said Gayla, “and hopefully we can make play-offs this year.”

The Women’s Varsity Basketball team shares the same beliefs. This year they are welcoming new member and transfer from Lodi Academy, senior Jannell Estrada.

“It’s a really nice experience,” shared Estrada,  “and the coach and girls are very welcoming.”

Estrada has been playing basketball since sixth grade at the Academy. “Even though it’s my last year playing basketball, I’m glad it’s at Linden,” stated Estrada.

Once football season comes to a halt, the Linden Cheer team isn’t done cheering. In winter, the team cheers at men’s home basketball games. The team stands behind the hoop, calling out their cheers.

Junior Miranda Jackson is passionate about her sport.

“I love the adrenaline I get during games,” said Jackson.  “It makes me so energized and excited for the games that follow.”

Along with cheering on our Lions, the team participates in competitions against other schools that are not in our league.

Junior flyer Martina Olivares loves the competition.

“My favorite part of the competitions is getting to meet other people from other teams and talking cheer experiences, said Olivares. “Also winning… hopefully.”

Irene Duran
Women’s Varsity Soccer vs. Escalon


This is the second year that Linden Soccer has been moved to winter.  The players have been preparing for the season since last summer, according to Freshman David Duran, striker for men’s JV soccer.

“I have been preparing since July and I have been trying to stay in great condition since,” explained Duran.

This season is Linden High teacher Josh Esteeves’ first year as  head coach of the men’s JV soccer team, after serving as an assistant coach last season. His players are excited to have him. Players are also excited for what the season will bring.

“I am most excited to win and play soccer with new teammates,” commented Duran.

For this upcoming season the Varsity men are making personal goals to help them improve as a team. The JV women’s team has also been growing closer as a team and have grown found of their coach, Alexis Alfarro.

The Varsity women are also thinking about league.

Junior Citalli Izquierdo, right mid, proclaimed, “The team is getting better and will improve throughout the season because we all work hard.”

The players from Women’s Varsity aren’t the only ones thinking ahead. So is their coach, Alfredo Duran.

“One of our goals this season is to make it to playoffs,” declared Duran.

As the winter season begins, we wish all of our teams luck. As we believe in the magic of Christmas, we believe in the magic that the Linden Lions have to make this a season to remember. The best way to spread holiday cheer is by cheering our Lions on for all to hear!